Monday, February 14, 2005 9:03 PM


Procrastination... it's making me wait, keeping me waiting...

So I have a script that will log me in and post a given template to a given blog. But I haven't made it "nice" yet. That is, I haven't got error checking in it, I haven't set it up to do all the category blogs, I haven't got it to check the 302 redirects to see if they are what we expect, nothing.

Which means that the nice template changes I am working on in a test area have to wait until I get the tedious script details done.

At least when this is done I won't feel compelled to make one template work for all the blogs; I can have pieces that get included in by the script according to the category. That will be a relief, because while the current template is clever, it's also unmaintainable.