Friday, November 17, 2006 12:34 PM

Are you sitting comfortably?

Two branches of our government have conspired to hold people for *the rest of their lives* under whatever conditions are deemed useful for interrogation, and to block the intervention of the third branch of government, just in case the courts might not have the same view of things. Here are some questions for you.

How much useful information can you get from someone after you've tortured them off and on for four years[1], anyhow?

What happens if you wait for the Democrats to act, and they don't get a bill past Bush's veto?

Why do so many folks hope that the courts will fix it (including Senator Specter!), when the courts "fixed" the internment of Japanese-Americans in WWII by... upholding it in the Korematsu decision?

While we wait for someone in power to do something, what is happening to the folks in detention now?

Here is one very small thing you can do: go read Senator Dodd's bill that undoes some of the worst parts of the MCA^H^H^HIndefinite Detention and Torture Act, call his office, call your representatives' offices, write them, and get them on board. Ask them about extraordinary rendition too. Find out what they are doing to get the bill past Bush. Odds are they'll tell you they... can't tell you. Enough of us call 'em, they gotta get the message....

[1] Average length of stay of Guantanamo detainees