Friday, September 22, 2006 11:26 AM

Best foot forward

Yes, it's another cheesy posting about my foot surgery. Completed yesterday, and the biggest pain is the one in my *ss from sitting in a funny position with my foot elevated and my Dell XPS Gen 2 laptop on my stomach. It's not all that light after a few hours of typing.

Anyways, the foot doesn't hurt at all. It just feels funny, a bit numb I guess. They had to cut the whole first metatarsal bone off and slide it over, so you'd think it would actually be uncomfortable. But not so far.

Fun fact: when you're shivering to death after coming out of general anesthetic, they give you Demerol. Who knew?

Time to shift positions again. At the end of this convalescence I'll be able to tell you all hundred and one different positions you can sit in and still have your foot elevated above your heart. I figure I've done about 5 of them so far. Only 95 + 1 to go.