Tuesday, September 05, 2006 10:53 PM

Everybody's doin' the Beta

Blogger released a new beta, and pushed their HTML editing tool out a few days ago. I decided to take a look, since maintaining 8 blogs to manage a variant of the old category hack was getting older by the minute. You may not have noticed any new posts lately... like, for about a year.

So, here we are, three long days later, RSS 2.0 feeds now not going through a third party service, and, wonder of wonders, categories that seem to just work. I kept my category color-coding scheme with a bit of CSS, got the post teasaer hack to work, and along the way I found out that you can use *conditional CSS* in your template. Just put it after the <:b:skin> tag in <style> tags, and you have access to all the new data types and template scripting primitives.

Happy coding!